Dear Mama Caretaker Helper Christian Believer--
You've tried everything
Every choice seems like a chore. 
Sometimes, you just need support. 
Sometimes, you want to see if you have options. 
I was there, too. 
I needed my feelings validated so I could make an informed decision.
That is why I chose to research, & move on from "conventional thinking". 
So, since you're ready for something new, then I am here to help you.
There is a reason we have crossed paths!
This was Ordained from God!
If you're ready, I am ready!
Below, I have a gift for you. 
A video that shares my story of how I began living holistically. 
And, an invitation into a FREE special group of other people like you.
This group is where to get the best opportunity to move forward in life!
We share struggles, stories of hope, and ideas for inspiration
This is where the small steps add up to big life changes. 
This is where you see your truth and live it. 
Amelia Lasky 
The mama caretaker spiritual christian helper that needed help too.

Watch my Story HERE

Ready to FINALLY Learn How to Move Forward in Your Health?
If you are committed to learning, I am here to teach you! Join me in my FREE group on how to begin living holistically!
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