Why does it feel like the end of the world?

Why does it feel like the end of the world?
I don't know about you but I have had a deep and heavy emotional burden on me for many weeks/months.

I haven't talked bout this much because I have been heavily processing and stayed focused on my own mental health,  but once I started listening to more clients lately, I have noticed that this is the trend. Most people that I have spoken to this week have told me that they do not feel like themselves. Things are either hectic, chaotic, scary, overwhelming, or just plan too much. They want to escape and they need to escape this fear response but they don't know how. They feel like it is the end of the world!  Me too, sis, me too. 

Talking about how you feel is even harder to do because we don't want to look crazy, but we actually kinda feel crazy. 

Thank GOD I have a savior that loves me even when I don't see/feel His presence. He never stops searching for me, even when I feel all of these emotions. He forgives my lack of faith. The cosmic/worldly feeling we are experiencing is lack of trust in the love that this world possesses. Worrying about the earthly world that we live in, and forgetting that we have a kingdom waiting for us is a big part of our problem. We even fail to see our blessings that we do have, which are moments God really just pours into, like our family, friends, or our jobs. I know, maybe those thing are also rough for you too. There is pain and trauma around  every corner and without taking some huge action steps to handle these big things, we can easily get to the point that we are in over our heads and drowning in the problems of the world. 

And sadly, the emotional pain and trauma can manifest as terrible physical symptoms when we are unable to process them. You may be experiencing shortness of breath, panic attacks, increased heart rate, headaches, stomach issues with poor digestion and overactive bladder. Then you suddenly may feel exhausted and have to crash for days. This is all of your emotional pain taking it's physical toll on you. 

I can write this openly and honestly because I have been in that spot. I have been praying, meditating on scripture, using my oils, and getting together with others to help me through them. Actually just today, I called a counselor I know and asked if I could just come and talk and get it all out of my head for a session. You see, I am a feeler. I am an empath. I can sense a persons mood, feelings, and sometimes even their thoughts before they even speak. I pick up on energy and emotion. So if you're like me, you're going to need tools as well. You may not know how to talk to God yet, and you may not even have a bible. You may not know how to use essential oils and breathing techniques, but I do and I can help you. I have been teaching emotional healing and processing for over 6 years and when ever I share these gifts, I begin to see God show up in MIGHTY ways. I will show you how to talk to God like He is your Father and how to apply oils for healing purposes. That is my gift to you. 

If this feels like something you are needing, please join me on May 21st at 10am in my Raindropppers Facebook Group where I will show you exactly how I am handling these big emotions in times like this. If you aren't a FB member or cannot attend, I can send you the replay and we can connect on your specific needs. Join my FB group or Send me a Text and mention "Oils for Emotions". If you are all in and ready to learn as much as you can, I'd highly recommend attending the upcoming CARE class over Memorial Day weekend. You can come to one class or stay for all 5 classes, and no matter what---you will learn some new tool to help you deal with your life. You will feel supported, empowered, and loved. 

Love you, friend, and I am always here for you. 

"You are loved, you are protected, you are strong, you are infallible with the LOVE of the LORD."