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Amelia believes that Raindrop Technique, Essential Oils, and Therapeutic Application is one of the fastest ways to bring your clients results faster. Your skills are what YOUR client needs, NOW! This course is designed to bring results immediately!

Create a Successful Raindrop Business QUICKLY!
6 WEEK COACHING!! Learn the skills to quickly shift from "what do I do??" to "This is working!"

Time to Let your Raindrop Business Shine.....<3

Are you ready to grow in 2023? This next 6 weeks is vital to your momentum! You don't want to be wondering how to grow when it's the busiest season of all! Let's work together and grow together! 

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<3 Amelia

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Amelia has been working as an aromatherapy professional for the past 6 years, and is trained through CENTER FOR AROMATHERAPY RESEARCH AND EDUCATION. She has had over 500 hours of education, and is currently offering CARE classes, business coaching, and personal hands on sessions at her clinic. 
God led her to Raindrop fir her own needs, and it ended up providing her with a means to serve the needs of others!

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