How is your raindrop Business going? 


If you are struggling to grow in your business...


I have some good news. This process is easy to start and easy to sustain. I have been doing this for about 7 years now and I have made some big AH-HA moments in the way I support, promote, and align with my clients. 

Believe it or not, your client isn't everyone. We are taught in Raindrop Training Class that Raindrop is literally for ALL the things, but it makes it hard to market! Your client is a specific version of you that is designed to learn from you. They will have similar stories, similar tendencies, and even similar health needs. Your clients will be needing YOUR specific story to make a shift in their healing. If you don't share, they will never hear the call. Huh. Doesn't that mean we will begin to uncover our story more....maybe even heal along the way? Yep.....That is why this works. You are always evolving and will always be calling in a new set of those that need the current version of you. 

Are you ready to:
-Gain clients who are consistently coming to you for help, support, and advocacy? 
-See your clients shift in a way that allows growth, and actual healing, versus the alternative of being stuck in their problem? 
-Take a chance on speaking your vulnerable truth to align with your clients and attract them to you? 

This is not easy and it's definitely something that I have had to learn how to be successful in. Marketing a service that EVERYONE can benefit from is like trying to people please! It isn't easy. So putting your morals, gifts, talents, and experiences into a purposeful attraction tool is how we are going to narrow it down. 

YOU are made for a reason, and the LORD has anointed your business for a reason. You are creative, capable, and unique. We need to get the essence of YOU out on the market, so that your truth can be seen by those who need that guiding light. 

If you are constantly putting off growing your business because you feel like you have time later, then I get it. We are all busy. 
But if the desires of your heart is to help people be the best version of themselves through aligned goals and gifts, we need you NOW!! There is no better time than this! 

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Ready for more? Time to jump into the "Creating a Healing Culture"  MASTER CLASS that I will share with you the blueprint on how to gain an audience and grow your business. 

Create Your New Priority in Your Raindrop Business

MASTER CLASS on Creating a Culture of Healing!

If you are ready to learn a way to create a specific culture for your clients and have them align with you, then this is the perfect master class for you! 

There is a recording that will come within 24 hours of the LIVE call. 

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