Don't let Germs STEAL Your Joy!

Don't let Germs STEAL Your Joy!

Germs = biggest invaders in the world! 

You either don't worry too much, or you're a germ-a-phobe (the actual term is Mysophobic). 

After the past two years, the human race has let their fear of germs take over their habits, customs, and routines. How many of you feel concerned with touching surfaces, shaking hands, or even hugging others? 

I'd say our current world is no longer living the "5 second rule", unless you're one of those crunchy people (IYKYK :P ) 

Need some solid info to help you fight some germs this fall? Here are my top 5 plants and what they can do for you. Here is a link on how to make your DIY Hand Sanitizer!

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Stay Informed && Stay Healthy!!!