Endocrine System: Thyroid Support Protocol

Endocrine System: Thyroid Support Protocol
The Endocrine System & Thyroid Disfunction + Protocol!
Men, Women, and children all need healthy and strong endocrine systems, and there are major blockers out there that can cause dysfunction. Endocrine disruptors are more commonly talked about now, and many are becoming banned like BPA and PEG, but what you probably didn't know is that endocrine disruptors are everywhere and we have to guard our bodies from these. Fragrances, synthetics and chemicals that are additives can all disrupt our endocrine system, especially our thyroid. 

Endocrine Disruptors Causing Thyroid Disease
The thyroid is the most susceptible endocrine organ because it readily relies on Iodine, which can so easily be displaced from our thyroid gland by commonly found additives such as chlorine, fluoride, and bromide. These toxic values aren't tested with blood work, and often even if symptoms of thyroid disease (hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism) occurs, lab results may even look "normal", which makes people very frustrated! 

Sadly, when the thyroid doesn't have enough support with iodine, it can develop nodules. Nodules are small sacs that contain fluid. Most cases these have nothing to worry about, and most times, they are so small, they do not even get biopsied. Very rarely does this lead to thyroid cancer (which looks different on an ultrasound, which is why they can distinguish nodules from masses). Those suffering from Thyroid Nodules can find themselves feeling symptoms of thyroid disease, and it is very specific to the person. One size fits all is hard to find, when you try medication. But, relief with simple, natural means, as well as examining their lifestyle can really create a space for symptom reduction, nodule shrinkage, and overall a feeling of health reestablished. 

As a health coach, I use thyroid symptoms as a "sign" for my clients to pay attention to things in their life that could be causing endocrine disruption. Many of my clients come to me because their thyroid isn't working correctly, they have symptoms, yet their doctor doesn't want to prescribe meds, offer suggestions, or even guide them on the reasons why. I myself have suffered from thyroid disease since I was about 17 years old, and for 7 years I was on medication, which caused me to have issues with my memory, muscles, and overall stamina, so I stopped using synthetic materials and began to change my lifestyle, as well as adding in essential oils, supplements, and living foods for thyroid health. 

 Thyroid Support Protocol:
  Essential Oil Application to the Throat
  • 1-2 Drops of Myrrh 
  • 1-2 Drop of Frankincense
  • After applying these oils, Vitaflex over the area gently with 3-4 fingers. How to Vitaflex Video is here. 
  • Repeat this every 3-4 times per day, adding in extra applications if emotionally or mentally taxing situations arise. 

For those suffering with Thyroid symptoms, supplemenation with natural thyroid supplement can prove to be a rapid relief. I highly recommend muscle testing for the full dosage, which I can teach you on a consultation call, or you can watch the video here. 

All oils and supplements can be found here.

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Emotional Roots of Thyroid Disease??
Many suffer from physical thyroid disfunction because of suppressed emotional pain and trauma. As a trauma informed wellness coach, I have developed a deeper protocol for clients who wish to uncover emotional roots to their thyroid dis-ease. 

For those who suffer from emotional roots, they may cling to ideas that they are not worthy of being loved, they aren't lovable, or they have no one to listen to them. They often feel unsupported, unheard, and ultimately, it shuts off life force energy to the throat. Many people who deal with childhood trauma relating to children of alcoholics, parents who weren't emotional available, and those who had to perform to receive any kind of attention. We only feel worthy when we are performing and acting, therefore getting attention and feeling needed. 

Emotional Root for Thyroid Disease: A  Conflict Between the Conscious and Subconscious

For those who identify with this, I recommend starting an emotional protocol along with a physical protocol. This includes different oils that pertain to the emotional frequency of the stored emotion. This can be done as a consultation online or over messenger. Feel free to email me at amelialasky@gmail.com or text "thyroid" to me at 219-258-4600 

Blessings, Amelia 

~Your health is truly in your Hands!~

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