I wanted to share some amazing info on Clove OIL!! Check it out 🙂
Clove isn't just a yummy flavor you smell during the holidays, but this powerful dried bud from the plant, Syzygium aromaticum, has many useful applications for our health and wellbeing! 

Clove is not only spicy and invigorating, but it helps with infection, due to its key component, Eugenol! 

When needing pain relief, clove has been shown to reduce nerve pain in dentistryand pain on contact when needing relief in joints, muscles, and for injury. 
Adding in Clove oil to any massage can create a warming sensation and leave the receiver pain free in joints and muscles for hours! Imagine those who have chronic arthritis, fibromyalgia, or even pain from weakened/deteriorating joints! 

Ideas on How to Use Clove Essential Oil:
Clove oil is great on it’s own, and can be diffused easily in any room. 
You can apply it on location to any pain point.
You can also ingest it in safe amounts in honey, a vegetable capsule, or even in tea or baked goods!
The scent also blends very nicely with cinnamon and other herbaceous plants to create a blend that is highly antimicrobial and powerful against germs! 

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