Hey Friends:
Two things are happening as we speak: the sunshine is less and the temps are trending down!
  • Less Sunshine (harder to have a strong immune system)
  • Less Movement (harder to rid the body of toxins that are generated)
  • Less Fruits and Veggies and Water (harder to have proper cellular function!)
As you begin to change up your routines for school, work, and the upcoming holidays, don't forget: 

Here are my three tips for the week:
1. Focus on water!! Add your minerals to your water, add oils like lemon or peppermint, and make sure you're getting in about 1/2 your weight in ounces (160# + 80 oz give or take--reach out if you have questions on this). 
2. Move your body! Even if it's only for 5 minutes a few times a day, this movement will create a shift in your lymph tissue and will help you remove things you don't need (aka any little invaders that cause you problems!)
3. Eat the Rainbow!! Make sure you still try to get those fruits and veggies in. 

What if you're already feeling the cruddy junk that comes with back to school and season change? Here is my favorite lymph drainage protocol with 1 oil:


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